South Dakota also taking measures to lower abortion rates

This article talks about many states taking measures to lower the abortion rate, but South Dakota is doing a lot. They have made many revisions in how women will abort. First off, they have to meet with their doctor, talk about the heath risks and go to Crisis Pregnancy Center for counseling. After doing all that, they then have to wait 72 hours before the abortion can be done. Many other states are also taking charge in limiting abortion such as Alaska, Indiana, Kentucky, Montana, Ohio, Rhode Island and Texas. These states are requiring the pregnant women to have a ultra-sound and view their fetus before undergoing a mandatory waiting period.


Death of unborn children fall in Arizona

This article is very bias towards pro life but shows both sides of an argument. It describes that new laws are preventing unborn children deaths. the new law states that you must meet with a doctor face-to-face before having an abortion. You also must go home and contemplate all the options. The abortion rates are on average of 1200 per year in Arizona. Cathi Herrod, President of Center of Arizona Policy states that when pregnant women are told where they are in their gestation period and how big the baby is, they often change their mind about the decision of aborting. Bryan Howard disagrees saying that since you now have to meet face-to face with doctors, instead of nurse practitioners, is causing the decline. Who ever is right, it is a fact that the abortion rates are declining in Arizona.

Abortion Facts

When it comes to abortion, I can get very emotional. I have never had an encounter with this but feel very strongly about it. I understand certain situations like rape and incest when abortion would be thought to be the right reason, and I cannot argue and say this is right or wrong. What gets to me is when people abort because either they aren’t ready in maturity or financially. If you think you are responsible enough to have sex, then you have to also feel that you responsible to take care of a child.

This website shows statistics about abortions and reasons. There are 42 million abortions a year, and 115,000 per day. This is an absurd amount of lives to be taken. It also states that only 1% of abortions are related to rape or incest. 6% of them ocure because of a possible heath risk for the baby or mother. And an astounding 93% occur because of social issues such as money, child being unwanted and inconvenience.